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Welcome to Raglan Kayak, your premier destination for outdoor education and adventure in Whaingaroa Raglan!

With two decades of experience, we take pride in offering comprehensive school packages.

At Raglan Kayak, we blend adventure with environmental stewardship and take a holistic approach to offer a unique school package that not only educates but also fosters a deep appreciation for nature.


Our activities along the majestic Limestone Coast and famous Pancake Rocks are AdventureMark audited and certified, ensuring the highest standards of safety for all participants.

Additionally, we proudly support the Tiaki Promise, a sustainability commitment to New Zealand and to our local community, as we believe in preserving our natural environment for future generations.

Nestled in the breathtaking Whaingaroa Raglan, our activities and exciting workshops are infused with a passion for caring for the environment and the ocean. Students not only engage in exciting kayaking and paddleboarding adventures but can also participate in hands-on marine monitoring, water safety and expand their knowledge on estuarine ecology. We believe that true learning happens when students are engaged, inspired, and actively participating in their own discoveries.

By integrating elements of ecology, cultural heritage, and marine monitoring, we provide a comprehensive experience that nurtures both mind and spirit.


Our team of professional guides and instructors ensures a safe, inclusive and enriching experience for students, proudly honoring the vibrant culture and history of Whaingaroa making learning both engaging and memorable.


Thank you for considering Raglan Kayak & Paddleboard. We invite you to explore our diverse activities and join us on your next exciting school adventure!

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Limestone Coast

Kayak Excursion

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Coastal Education

Marine Monitoring & Kayak Excursion


Water Sports Safety


Paddleboard Lesson


Water Safety

Learn to Paddleboard &

Personal Safety in the Water


Esturaine Ecology

Marine Monitoring &

Kayak Introduction


Team Building

Kayak Introduction

& Raft Building


 Kayak & Paddleboard Lesson

you can trust"

Providing Good Times Since 2003


Discover new horizons with our team on this top-rated and well-rounded kayak adventure along the majestic Limestone Coast.

This guided kayak excursion is designed to inspire students to create a deeper connection with the beauty of New Zealand Aotearoa and with eachother.

A fantastic way to experience the benefit of nature and develop a passion for it while engaging in a new sport.

  • Discover Raglan Whaingaroa’s colourful history

  • Explore the ancient and unique Jurassic-era geology of the famous pancake rocks

  • Expand your environmental awareness

  • Master new Kayaking skills while playing fun kayak games along the coast

  • Learn to take responsibility for your safety on the water

Our most popular activity by far!

Best suited for Students Year 9 and up

Marine Monitoring & The Limestone Coast Kayak Excursion

immerse your students in the wonders of Raglan Harbour's coastal ecosystem with our Estuarine Marine Monitoring activity! Led by experienced guides, this hands-on program takes students on our famous Kayak Excursion along the Limestone Coast, allowing them more time to delve deeper into our environmental education and sustainability programs.

  • Water quality assessment & Biodiversity surveys

  • Conservation & Sustainability discussions

  • Master new Kayaking skills & Take responsibility for your safety on the water

  • Engage in Whaingaroa’s vibrant history and culture

Best suited for Students Year 9 and up


This activity blends essential safety knowledge with the excitement of fast-paced kayaking, paddleboarding, and engaging water safety games, all set in the heart of the village. It offers a truly unique and dynamic approach to water safety. Students will participate in water activities that teach them how to stay safe while having fun.


  • Learn fundamental safe boating practices

  • Dive into water safety essentials, including rescue techniques and hazard awareness

  • Master basic paddleboarding and kayaking rescue skills

  • Discover the joy of finding balance and navigating the water with ease


(Please note wetsuits are required for this activity)


Best suited for Students Year 9 and up.


This is a great opportunity for students to experience the world’s fastest growing sport right here in the heart of the village. Our team brings a team building twist with the addition of fun jumbo board games!

  • Learn basic techniques, skills and safe practices

  • Find your balance in an inspiring environment

  • Challenge yourself and practice growth mindset

Best suited for Students Year 9 and up.

Learn to Paddleboard & Personal Safety in the Water

Kiwis love for swimming and water activities makes it crucial for our younger generation to learn how to stay safe in the water. Our program not only focuses on water safety but also includes an exciting paddleboard lesson.

  • Understanding water conditions, including currents, tides, and waves

  • Mastering personal boat safety practices

  • Learn essential Emergency protocols

  • Safe methods to re-enter a safety vessel or flotation device

  • Learn to paddleboard including techniques for balance, paddling, and maneuvering on the board

All of these vital skills are taught through engaging games led by our team of professionally guides and instructors.


(Please note wetsuits are required for this activity)

Best suited for Students Year 5 - Year 8

Marine Monitoring & Kayak Introduction

Introduce your students to the wonders of marine ecology with our immersive Estuarine Ecology Workshop. Specifically designed for junior schools, this hands-on program takes students on a kayak journey, exploring the diverse marine ecosystem of Raglan Inlet.

  • Identify different species of marine life

  • Understand the importance of sustainability and marine conservation through interactive discussions and activities

  • Learn about the unique habitats and ecosystems within Raglan Inlet

  • Engage in a Kayak Lesson, developing basic kayak skills and abilities while playing fun kayak games

Our program aims to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards by providing a memorable and educational experience in the heart of nature.

Best suited for Students Year 5 - Year 8

Kayak Introduction & Raft Building

Trust our team to make team building a fun experience for the juniors!

We have combined our beginner Kayak Lesson with our Raft Building workshop to create an exciting team building program.

  • Learn basic Kayak skills & safety procedures while playing fun games

  • Develop environmental awareness

  • Expand your creative thinking, problem solving and teamwork as you build & race your raft as a group

Best suited for Students Year 5 - Year 8



Ultimate activities to build confidence in water sports. Our lessons are specially crafted for young explorers at the beginner level. Led by our experienced instructors, these hands-on programs introduce students to the excitement of paddleboarding and/or kayaking in the scenic waters of Raglan Inlet. Being a country surrounded by coastline, rivers and lakes learning to keep yourself safe on the water is essential for all young kiwis.

Best suited for Students Year 5 - Year 8



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