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  • What equipment do you have to rent?
    We offer single and double kayaks for The Limestone Coast Rental and we offer singles, double kayaks, paddleboards and also, a jumbo paddleboard for The Inlet Rental!
  • Do I need experience to join a tour?
    No, you do not need any experience to join a tour with us!
  • If I can't swim, what are my options?
    You can join one of our guided tours or lessons, let our team take any stresses out for a fantastic experience. We do not rent our equipment to non-swimmers for safety reasons and for your own enjoyment, that is unless you are paired with an experienced and confident paddler.
  • Do I need experience to rent a Kayak or Paddleboard?
    To rent a Kayak or Paddleboard for our Raglan Harbour Inlet you do not need any experience, however in order to paddle across to The Limestone Coast, you do need to be an experienced paddler.
  • What is our weight capacity?
    For single kayaks: 110kg For double kayaks: 210kg in total (for the 2 people). Safety note: If you are on the heavier side or wider in the hips, we suggest booking a double kayak and make sure to specify your weight upon booking, so that we can select the equipment appropriately. In the event of capsizing you are required to be able to re-enter your own kayak and so a minimum fitness level is necessary .


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